Sunday, December 19, 2010

The days of winter....

Winter is still here. It's cold outside and it has been raining the last few days. I have wanted to take the time to wrap a blanket around me, turn up the heater, drink some hot cocoa and relax.

While I was relaxing, I decided to create a whole new look a feel to my scarves. I wanted to create a new line so I thought about what women want in a scarf. I started with myself. I liked the idea of blending a shawl, scarf and wrap all together in one. So I came up with an ultra long and thick scarf.

Then I thought, I am tired of the same old run of the mill design, so I added more detail with a checker pattern.

I am also working a rust colored scarf with an interesting design. Keep reading the post for when that one will be available.

For all of you out there, stay warm and dry. I hope that I can do my part in helping you do so.

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