Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day # 9: Artist William Rockwell....

Today I am featuring William W. Rockwell and his marvelous unique etsy shop.
1. What inspires you?
A lot of things. Mainly love, when I am in love inspiration flows through me like an underground water current. Nature, if I am in a creative block, I will go for a walk, sit and watch the colorado sunset, feel the air touch my skin and the sun on my face. Other art, mainly old art, the greats.

2. How long how you been an artist?
.I have been an artist since I was strong enough to hold a pencil, just before 2 years old. My mom was always teaching us new things.

3. If you were stuck on a deserted island, what three things would you need?
Sketch book, pencils, and water

4. What is your favorite kind of desert?
I love cheesecake, it is truly a weakness of mine.

5. What is your favorite movie and why?

My new favorite movie is Avatar. Have you seen the colors! Amazing, I would give anything to see a place like that in person, too beautiful for words.

6. If you could see one dream fulfilled, what would it be?

The ability to have such a large following I am selling more than I can make. To have and run an animation business equal to that of Pixar or Dreamworks. I have always wanted to be well known, and have enough to one day support a family completely with no stressed hard times.

7. What words of encouragment do you have for fellow artists?

NEVER give up. I know you hear that a lot I am sure, but really, don't. I stuck it out with zero income for the last three months and my dreams are beginning to come true, as I am now a creative director for a company halfway around the world, a dream I have had for years. I just kept my head down, worked and worked until I got it. Keep positive, stay focused, and NEVER give up.

8. Where can we find you? Give us your links


The Addmovi twitter and facebook are my Clients, but I will be using them to promote other artists and companies who have followed.

Thanks all for helping me support another wonderful artist.


  1. William is a wonderful artist. It's wonderful that he has such a variety in all that he creates.

  2. I checked out his store---I have some domino earrings that would look great with that domino necklace. Added to my favorites!