Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day #14: Second Giveaway Question....

Today I am asking the second question for the blog giveaway. We only have one name in the drawing so far, so it's looking good for her to win. If you would like to give her some competition, join in by asking her a question. This question is a little less difficult than the last one.

Here's the question: This man is known for the catch phrase: "I'll be back." He is also governor of California. What is his name?

Post the answer to this question and you will be placed in the drawing for one of my headbands.


  1. Arnold Schwarzenegger! yeeeeey !! my adress is streetA 93, rotterdam the netherlands

  2. Hi, Happy to join in on this lovely"competition". The answer to today's question is none other than Mr. Arnold Schwarzeneger. Now I have to ask a question of the other participant, right? Thanks for the fun contest! Allll be baaacckkk....

  3. Great all are entered in the drawing!
    It will continue on until friday...awesome...