Monday, August 2, 2010

Day # 13: Virtue Knits first blog giveaway...

This week I have decided to have a blog giveaway for all of my followers and fans. The way that this giveaway works is that I am going to ask one question a day. Each day for the next five days you will have an answer. The person who gets a correct answers correct will be placed in the drawing to win a headband. On Saturday, the winner will be announced. This blog is special because followers will be able to pick any headband that strikes their fancy on my facebook page.

Here is the first question and hint: This women is a wonderful guitar player, singer and artist. This little known artist is one of my favorites and was very influential in the 1960's civil rights movement. I have spoken about her previously to my facebook fans under the discussion tab. What is her name?

Okay, become a fan and post the comment here and you will be entered into the blog giveaway contest.

I have included a few of the headbands that will be offered.


  1. I can only think of Joan Baez?


  2. Very close...think black history month and she inspired her Joan Baez singing....starts with an O

  3. Check back to my discussion tab..the name is there...Sarah Vaughan is actually a jazz singer, but she doesn't play the guitar...

  4. Lizzi,
    That's it! Awesome! This was a really difficult one so, I kind of gave it to you guys....